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The Elopement Experience

Does the idea of eloping or having a small intimate wedding that focuses purely on your love just feel right - but you're not sure where to start?

As your elopement photographer, I have the honor of helping you create, tailor, and celebrate your day in a way that feels authentic to who you are as a couple. But it's also so, so much more than that.

I'll be your dress holder. Your personal chauffeur. I'll sing your first dance song off-key. I'm here to help with anything and everything, from the minute you decide to ditch the big wedding day plans and choose instead to start your lives together with your biggest adventure by eloping.

Let's plan the ultimate elopement by emailing karennorian@gmail.com, or simply hit the button below!


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HOW TO ELOPE: The Process







I'm here to help make the elopement process simple, truly listening to what you're envisioning for your day. Our first call together will be spent getting to know each other , and the steps we need to take to get there. This call will help set the stage for your elopement planning!

After we've scheduled your initial call, we'll begin ironing out details surrounding your elopement. Where are the best places to elope that speak to you? What time of year you should elope? Lost as to how to even start creating a one-of-a-kind elopement?

I've got this.

I'll help you from the moment you choose to elope all the way through to those incredible final moments as you finish out your epic day, camera in hand.

I've captured over a hundred couples eloping, having a destination wedding, or having an intimate wedding, so I know a thing or two about a thing or two. You'll receive guides, timeline help, and nearly anything else you may struggle with as you plan your elopement.

Think of me as not just your elopement photographer, but also as your elopement planner, here to answer any question or find a solution for any problem you might run into!





What sets you apart from other destination wedding photographers out there?

Why do you only shoot elopements or intimate weddings with 50 guests or less?

After shooting traditional weddings for nearly a decade, I realized that keeping the focus solely on my couples was what bring me the most joy. Being a destination wedding photographer has my heart! Working a more pared-down affair allows me to connect deeper with each person — and with deeper connections come more meaningful images. Shooting things on a smaller scale is where my camera is happiest. It's also beyond gratifying to sometimes be the only witness to a ceremony. There's just something so magical about elopements and small events, and I'm totally hooked.

I take deep pride in the way I interact with my couples! Many tell me that taking photos was the highlight of their day, and I've been told on more than one occasion that their session felt like therapy, connecting with their partner on a deeper level. I'll make you laugh, I'll put you at ease, and I will do anything to get real, authentic emotion from you. You won't ever find me asking you for fake, forced laughter: when I say I have fun and connect with my couples on many levels, I mean it!



What's the difference between an elopement and an intimate wedding, anyway?

Will you help us plan our destination wedding or elopement?

I can be as involved as you need me to be in terms of helping plan your big day! I'm here to help create the most ideal timeline that works best for your day in terms of lighting, help with any and all wedding-related details, and can be your go-to person for planning out your day. However, if you already know exactly what you want and simply want me there to be your wedding photographer, that's great, too!

Great question! I'm an elopement photographer first and foremost, which generally consists of you and your partner in a beautiful location, perhaps with a guest or two in tow. I do also specialize in intimate weddings, also known as microweddings, which is a bit more like a traditional wedding, but with a small guest count (generally about 15-20 guests to 50 guests, max).