Surprise Proposal: Kevin & Lexi’s Savannah Engagement

March 10, 2021

Being a surprise proposal photographer feels a lot like being a secret spy: you know that something big is about to happen while the whole world carries on, and the thrill is INTOXICATING. If I weren’t an elopement photographer, I think I’d be great at being an undercover detective based solely on my recon skills from this day.

I frequently get to see a relationship as it goes from fiancé to spouse, but I don’t always get to see a relationship go from dating to getting engaged. So, when Kevin reached out about getting engaged in Savannah to his girlfriend, Lexi, I was on board. Kevin knew that a walk along the river downtown would be the right spot for him to drop down on one knee. Proposal photos are beautiful no matter where they happen, but he just happened to pick a backdrop that’s pretty damn perfect if you ask me.

Capturing their surprise proposal

After a bit of research, I sent Kevin a meeting point where I’d pose as just your average tourist, camera in hand. I told him what I’d be wearing – so he could be certain that I was his proposal photographer – and readied my camera as I saw the two walking down the riverfront.

There’s a moment of adrenaline when it comes to proposal photos: will I ruin the surprise if she sees me? Will a tourist stop in front of my camera? What if I’m not in THE perfect spot for the shot? Well, of that worry was for NOTHING. Kevin dropped down on one knee and asked Lexi to marry him, and as she nodded her head yes, an eruption of cheers from people passing by and a crowd watching from a rooftop bar began applauding, too. It was the most magical moment – like the whole city stopped just for these two.

Huge congratulations to these two, who’s surprise proposal was all-things romantic and emotional. If that’s any preview into their future, I’d say they’re off to one hell of a start.

If you’re looking for surprise engagement photos for your photography proposal, reach out and let’s plan something epic! Because let’s face it: whoever it is that you’re dropping down on one knee for is well worth it.