Sunny Forsyth Park Elopement in Savannah: Briana & Jack

August 27, 2022

If you’re planning a Forsyth Park elopement, you may want to take a page out of Briana and Jack’s book. The couple had the most laid-back, easygoing, and beautiful Savannah elopement and it was truly an honor to capture and document. So, what did they do right? For starters, they rented an Airbnb just a stone’s throw away from Forsyth Park. They also included their golden retriever, Max, in every part of their day. And lastly, they carved out a ton of time to venture around Savannah, where we got to explore and celebrate their marriage in a way that was still casual and true to who they are.

If you want a day that emulates theirs, do yourselves a big favor and plan to have hours of alone time with one another, even if family is attending your elopement. That way, you’ll still feel like it’s a true elopement, where you’re not worrying about anyone or anything. Then, once you’ve finished celebrating alone together, meet up with friends and family to then have a second round of celebrations! Take a look at their beautiful elopement, and if you’re planning to elope in Savannah, go ahead and reach out to me here!

Dress: Lulu’s

Bouquet: Fern and Sunpalm