Savannah Inspiration Session: Hollie & Jonathon

April 2, 2020

As someone who constantly feels like creating, it can be hard to be so busy that you can’t always focus on doing something fun for yourself. After seeing I had a few free weekends in my calendar, I decided to reach out on my Instagram to see if anyone was willing to make a little magic with me. Enter Hollie and Jonathon, an adorable couple who are engaged and planning a wedding of their own. She told me that they had an engagement session of sorts in California already, but was interested in working with me nonetheless. And man, I’m so glad they did!

Our session was fun and silly and carefree, and they allowed me to simply do my thing. It’s pretty amazing how much easier it is to slow down and concentrate when you’re not shooting an event — it’s like you have the gift of time and can do things at a slower pace with less rush. While Jonathon was initially a bit hesitant about the whole thing (and let’s be honest, most guys aren’t jumping to get in front of a camera), I was floored when Hollie told me after the session that he actually would have another session with me – best compliment ever!

We had an intimate and steamy session until the sun went down, and Hollie and Jonathon both loved all of the images I captured from this amazing and spontaneous session. Thank you guys, you’re both the real MVP’s!