Colorful Downtown Savannah Engagement Session: Rheannon & Victor

June 26, 2022

As a moody photographer, I love creating images that have shadow and depth but aren’t lacking in color. Rheannon and Victor’s Savannah engagement session is the perfect example of just how gorgeous it can be to add in a hearty dose of color to any scene.

The couple, who are the owners of Coven , a local piercing shop in downtown Savannah, were looking for a Savannah wedding photographer for their fall wedding, as well as someone who would take engagement photos and reached out to me for both. I couldn’t have said yes faster: Rheannon and Victor are two of the sweetest, kindest people and show some much love for one another and the people around them. I truly get the sweetest clients!

We decided to skip the charm of the historic district and instead ventured to Savannah’s Starland District, which has some of my absolute favorite spots to visit downtown. Having a Savannah engagement session doesn’t necessarily mean cobblestone streets and Victorian houses – there is such an incredibly different side to this city that’s filled with a different kind of charm: colorful graffiti and artistic murals, and industrial aesthetics are all within the city limits, too!

We hung around some of my favorite spots, like Starland Yard (the best spot for chill outdoor drinking and dining, with a rotating food truck schedule, an always-there brick-oven pizzeria, and a bar with the best cocktails), Starland Strange (an eclectic and quirky shop with locally made designer clothing and other fun items) and the surrounding neighborhood. Fun fact: if you scroll down to the photos of Rheannon and Victor on the staircase, that entire mural is made by mega-talented local artist JULU!

Shooting with these two was truly a blast and were so down to explore the area with me (and maybe get a little handsy with one another for my sake) – you can just feel the love between the two of them. The way they look at each other just shows their deep connection, and the way they are with each other honestly feels like two pieces that form a whole puzzle. It might sound cheesy, but these two romantics totally brought out that part of me.

I absolutely love when my couples book me for their engagement session for this exact reason. We get to know one another a little better in a casual, laid-back environment and can just let loose, not feeling the stress of a wedding day in sight. I highly recommend working with your elopement photographer or wedding photographer prior to your big day if you can swing it. It really does help establish a connection and makes your wedding day that much more meaningful for everyone (myself included).

What vibe would you be feeling for your Savannah engagement session? Some historic downtown charm or some quirky-creative Starland district? Contact me here if you’re planning either one!