Moody Craggy Gardens Engagement Session: Julia & Patrick

July 6, 2022

If you ask any Asheville elopement photographer what they love so much about shooting here, I’d be willing to bet they’d tell you it’s because of the absurd amount of versatility the area has in terms of its backdrops. You want mountains? Waterfalls? A magical, hidden forest vibe? Yep, Asheville has it all. So when Julia and Patrick were planning an Asheville engagement session, they needed a bit of guidance on where exactly we should roam. Despite Julia’s fear of heights, they chose Craggy Gardens from my helpful list of Asheville locations, and they were so glad they did (yes, even Julia knew it was the right choice, despite the pinnacle we reached being very high. The hike up is just as incredible as once you reach the top, and we stopped every other step because I simply couldn’t help myself.

We also got hit with so many different kinds of weather patterns, which made things all the more moody in my opinion. We began with a sunny, warm evening that got cloudier and chillier the further we hiked up, and once we reached the top, we got to enjoy the sights just in time before some amazing fog blanketed the mountains. Julia, Patrick and I spent time chatting over our love for senior dogs, and they shared some amazing vegan recipe ideas with me as we navigated through our hike, and it truly felt like we were just a couple of old friends going out for a hike. I’m so glad I get to capture so many beautiful, kind couples and truly become friends by the end of our time shooting together.

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