Hello There!

May 2, 2018

Oh, hi! Welcome to my journal, where I’ll be writing about all of my adventures with my clients. But before I document all of my sessions here, I just wanted to formally introduce myself. I’m Karen, and I’m a photographer + storyteller currently living in Savannah, GA.

I’ve created a lovely little life for myself down here after moving from New York — where I lived my entire life— with my husband. Since moving, we’ve made a number of friends, grew our home by 8 paws, and have explored all that our new stomping grounds down south has to offer. I took a brief hiatus from photography after our 800-mile move to get myself settled in, and once I started to really feel like a local, I was happy to pick my camera back up and start shooting once more.

I am forever grateful that I get to use my creativity to inspire others, and find it to be a privilege to document  profound and special moments for the people who allow me into their lives for a day. It gives me no greater joy than knowing that the portraits I capture will live on infinitely in someone’s life, and consider it one of the most important things in this world to showcase our range of emotions on film.

If you’re curious to know more about me and my work, feel free to reach out to me and introduce yourself. If you are considering a session with me, I would love to hear from you! You can contact me at: karennorian@gmail.com. And, if you just like to enjoy my work in the shadows of your phone screen, just know that I appreciate the heck out of you for following my journey!

And, if you’re ever in Savannah or a neighboring city or state, I’m ALWAYS interested in meeting new friends, so let’s get coffee (or wine) and hang!