September 4, 2020


Every love story is different, and no two elopements are ever the same. And that’s the beauty of eloping: it’s a day that is concocted specifically for whatever it is you want to experience, and only that. Maybe that means feeling the sand between your toes on your wedding day. Maybe it’s trading flip-flops for hiking boots for a hike to the mountainside. Or maybe it’s getting lost exploring a new city. Whatever it is that feels uniquely you is exactly what you deserve.

I use the art of storytelling to show just how unique and powerful your elopement truly is, with not only images that capture who you are at your core but to help craft an experience that resonates with your soul. I want you to look back on your wedding day and know that every beautiful moment was created for you and because of you. I’m an elopement photographer first and foremost, but I also deliver so much more: creating a killer timeline, connecting you to other vendors who fit your vibe, and being your general go-to for anything and everything.

There are so many incredible places to elope that the list is truly endless. As a destination elopement photographer, it still blows my mind how many beautiful places I’ve been fortunate enough to see: the gorgeous Caribbean islands, the stunning Blue Ridge mountains, the hills of the Hudson Valley and so many more places that are truly epic for an elopement. Whether you’re still sorting out places to elope or know exactly where you’d like to adventure to, I would be so happy to help you through the elopement journey.

If you’re screaming “YES!” to everything above, then reach out to me here!