Forsyth Park Elopement: Essence & Ryan

April 2, 2020

Essence and Ryan are two seriously beautiful souls. When we met up in Forsyth Park for their ceremony, I asked if there was any specific spot in the park that was calling to them, and Essence just said that she loved flowers and greenery, and I saw exactly where I would take them. Nestled in between two blooming trees, Essence and Ryan recited their vows in an intimate ceremony, with just a handful of loved ones present. It was intimate, beautiful, and so very peaceful. When they were officially husband and wife, we decided to celebrate in style and I grabbed a large fallen stick and dubbed it our “makeshift broom” for them to jump over. After a hilarious first failed attempt, the couple got it right the second time and jumped the broom with their friends applauding them on.

The park was so very green that day, and it felt like the sun was shining down as its way of celebrating their wedding. I took advantage of the picture perfect weather, and we walked all around the park and down one of Savannah’s charming historic streets and let me tell you that even though these two were shy initially, they knocked it out of the damn park and we got some incredible moments captured. Wishing them both endless love and happiness, because that’s exactly what they deserve!

Officiant: Melissa DeLynn Planning: Simply Eloped Venue: Forsyth Park