Chilly Troup Square Elopement in Savannah: Heather & Renee

July 1, 2022

There are just some couples that are so joyful and easy to be around, and Heather and Renee are absolutely one of them. When they shared their vision for their Savannah elopement, I was so excited because it had so many things I loved to capture: historic, downtown Savannah, sweet pups, and two people who are head-over-heels in love. Check, check, and check!

Heather and Renee shared their first look in Columbia Square (which has a fountain that I sometimes enjoy shooting more than the Forsyth Park fountain since it’s less crowded and is surrounded by a backdrop of incredible live Oak trees) and took in the sights of the city after seeing one another for the first time. We really took our time from our walk from Columbia Square to Troup Square, stopping along the way for any light-filled pockets in the city, and got to really soak in the day. Once we arrived at Troup Square, the two shared intimate vows, exchanged gifts, and enjoyed snuggling with their two sweet pups, Savannah and Io.