Passionate Atlanta Elopement at the Goat Farm Arts Center

March 11, 2022

This Atlanta elopement session was the stuff that dreams are made of – especially if you’re a fan of dancing (which I very much am)! Raul and Lillian wanted an Atlanta elopement that celebrated their passion of professional dancing, and it was truly an honor getting to watch these two dance so beautifully together. When they reached out to me initially, they already knew that they wanted their elopement photos taken at the Goat Farm Arts Center – which, if you’re looking for places to elope in Atlanta, you should absolutely check out their space. It has everything: brick structure ruins, overgrown greenery and flowers, and so. much. art!

Raul and Lillian wasted no time showing me how they danced with one another. I was floored at just how gracefully these two moved. Raul was throwing Lillian around like it was nothing, and Lillian’s form was as if she wasn’t being thrown around – it felt like they defied gravity with each step! But that’s exactly how they wanted to celebrate their Atlanta elopement: to dance together and soak in all of the beauty of the day.

One of my favorite places I took them at the Goat Farm was this tin garage that had graffiti paint with a stunning mural surrounded by colorful daisies (photos are right below!). There was also this beautiful painting that was hidden alongside one of the Goat Farm’s brick buildings (you can scroll all the way to the bottom for a photo!) that was just too perfect to pass up. I seriously could have spent all day with them exploring this venue! Raul and Lillian were champs as I brought them from place to place, overwhelmingly excited to photograph them on every square inch of the property 🙂

Scroll below to see more of this dancer’s dream Atlanta elopement at the Goat Farm Arts Center, and if you’re looking for an Atlanta elopement photographer, go ahead and reach out to me by clicking here!