A paparazzi-style engagement session in Savannah: Natalie & Ken

August 29, 2022

I’ve just gotta say it: I have the coolest couples out there. Whenever I shoot a Savannah engagement session, my heart always skips a beat because of just how much I love this city of mine. But when Natalie and Ken asked me for a bad-and-bougie, paparazzi-style engagement session, I knew it would be one for the books. I wanted to go to an area that had a good blank canvas for us that wasn’t as historic-feeling as some of the other areas in downtown Savannah. We ended up near the river – which is generally a pretty touristy area – solely because I knew we could walk in the cobblestone streets here without much worry (the speed limit is verrryyy slow) and because there were a ton of buildings that had just the vibe I was going for. It was, in a word, perfect. But that was only one piece of the puzzle!

After we finished with the “No cameras, please” aesthetic, we ended up back at their hotel for a little bit of fun. We ran down hotel hallways and popped some bubbly and the two lounged on their bed as they celebrated together, and it was truly the perfect way to end our day together. Scroll through the gallery below and tell me you don’t love the way it all turned out!

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